The Perversity of Materialism

Consequent to a recent argument about Materialism in which I expressed myself badly, sometimes incoherently, made mistakes, became irritable, was occasionally rude and failed to make any headway whatsoever, for all of which I can only apologise to all the participants in case they are around, it seemed a good idea to write an essay about Materialism, so that if I am ever forgetful enough to be drawn into another such argument I can point to it and know that it is reasonably clear and expresses my view. 

It turned out too long for a post so I have published it as a page.  The essay is ‘The Perversity of Materialism’.  It is a touch outspoken, and if I have been unfair to anyone I hope someone will point this out. 

I caught the end of a TV documentary last night that was discussing an idea that is set, apparently, to revolutionise Cosmology. The idea is that there cannot have been simply nothing at all ‘before’ the Big Bang. Score one for common sense. I wonder if this is the beginning of the end for Materialism, even in physics.     


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