Iggy Pop and the Music Biz: How to Get In and How to Get Out

A few days ago and quite by chance, as I idly flicked through the TV channels, I arrived on the BBC right at the beginning of the annual John Peel lecture, given this year by Iggy Pop. I was spellbound. It’s one of the best things I’ve seen on the TV for years.

in case there’s anybody who doesn’t know, John Peel (Blessed be His Name) is the God of British Music Radio. Iggy Pop everybody knows. He currently does a weekly show for BBC Radio 6.

Not everyone is interested in the music business but Iggy’s talk ranged a lot wider than this and it’s a great performance. His advice for young musicians entering the music biz includes the line, ‘always maintain a spiritual exit’.

I thought it was worth re-promoting since I nearly missed it. These old pros, the ones that survive, pick up a lot of wisdom along with the bruises. It’s here…


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2 Responses to Iggy Pop and the Music Biz: How to Get In and How to Get Out

  1. Roger says:

    Iggy Pop is from my home state of Michigan, and I think he’s had some great songs. The one record of his that I have is “Soldier” that I highly recomment.

    • PeterJ says:

      Glad to be promoting your neighbour. I’ve never been a fan until now but was dead impressed by this. .

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