The Legacy of a Truth Seeker by Bernardo Kastrup – The Video

With another hat on I mix music and occasionally even sell a download or CD. I don’t usually wear two hats at once but here’s a cross-over project. The poem is the work of Bernardo Kastrup, whose writings on science and philosophy are, I believe, important, and represent an attempt to explain the inexplicable in a language that works in physics and western academic philosophy. This is from a book of poetry due for publication in the New Year.

Video rendering and Youtube conversion rather wrecks the audio, but the poem is the thing.  As far as I can tell it is rigorous and consistent with the world-view and metaphysical scheme promoted on this blog. The music is by Helices, a London based electronica outfit, and the track is ‘Percolate’. The youtube notes give links for the author and the band.

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