Metaphysics in a Nutshell: A Lazy Philosopher’s Guide

When it comes to philosophy I’m all in favour of laziness. The less work the better.  For this it would be necessary to get to the heart of issues as quickly as possible and avoid all distractions.  The most effective approach would be the same as that required of a CEO running a complex business. Stay out of the technicalities and get the decisions taken. If you like the idea of cutting out the middle-management details I’ve had yet another go at simplifying and condensing metaphysics into some kind of executive summary here.

If this is not the correct solution for metaphysics then it is about time somebody explained why not, or at least came up with a viable alternative. As far as I know nobody has ever proposed a viable alternative other than the conjecture that the world is paradoxical and incomprehensible. This conjecture becomes redundant when we have a solution that is reasonable and comprehensible, such as the one described in this essay.

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  1. dondeg says:

    I left replies at the post you linked above! -Don

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