An Ontological Solution to the Mind-Body Problem

We seem to come ever closer to a time when we can ‘join the dots’ between the natural sciences and religion and make more sense of them both, and this may be in part the consequence of a growing understanding of  the Perennial philosophy. Modern science and philosophy allow this relationship to be described and discussed in great detail and also require that we do so, and gradually a language is developing that can bridge the gap. A prominent contributor to this discussion is the scientist and philosopher Bernardo Kastrup. Below is a link to a typically clear and concise article about ontology and the operations of consciousness by which we forget that we made it all up. Kant would approve.

He comments, “It contains an analytic, rigorous articulation of the ontology of idealism—according to which reality is entirely mental.”  I don’t think this should imply that the  Real is not real. ‘Reality’ here would mean ‘everything we could ever think is real’, ‘anything we could ever think’, ‘anything that thinks’ or indeed any ‘thing’ at all.  It can seem a daft idea, but it is found to be impossible to make sense of ontology when we assume that space and time are any more than conceptual phenomena.

If you find it interesting and worthwhile then please pass it on. Science and clear thinking has ruled out most interpretations of religion, mysticism and metaphysics for being redundant, logically indefensible or contrary to the observed facts, and as a consequence have ever more precisely identified and revealed the correct interpretation. It turns out to be the one that is endorsed by the ancient Upanishads and Middle Way Buddhism, the only one that can survive close analysis and that is even capable of explaining Existence.

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