Faculty of Philosophy – Fantasy Press Release

University of Western Thought – Faculty of Philosophy

Press Statement

July 2017

No embargo

It has come to the attention of the Faculty that the central claim of mystics and sages throughout history, regardless of geography and culture, has been that all partial or positive metaphysical positions are false. They report from experience that the Universe is a Unity such that all distinctions are conceptual categories, these being emergent thus reducible for a fundamental theory.

Over the two millennia that have passed since Plato we have worked to directly falsify this claim or at least identify an alternative solution for metaphysics that would work. Our failure in this endeavour is famous. What we have discovered over time, not a little ironically, is that logical analysis proves that all partial metaphysical theories give rise to fatal contradiction, a result that strongly implies they are indeed false.

Accordingly, we would like to offer our apologies to the mystics and sages for a misunderstanding and would belatedly recommend their writings to every student of philosophy. The view that metaphysics is inconclusive has been damaging to the discipline and we are excited to announce that it is not, after all, the case. Philosophers in our tradition have established beyond doubt that it is only be when we reject the Unity of the Universe that philosophy becomes interminable and incomprehensible. It has been hard work, and perhaps if we had not been so convinced that mysticism is nonsense we might have saved ourselves a lot of it, but all’s well that ends well.


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