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Nagarjuna’s Doctrine of Two Worlds and Two Truths and the Reason Why Words that are Rigorously True Seem Paradoxical

The second century CE Buddhist philosopher-sage Nagarjuna is famous for his philosophical exposition of the Buddha’s teachings and for his explanation of its philosophical foundation. The language of Buddhism is riddled through with paradox and contradiction and in his Fundamental Versus on the … Continue reading

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Do We Regularly Make a Mistake in Metaphysics?

We should cherish metaphysics for its power to overcome false views and yet we admonish it for its ongoing failure. Is it possible that this is for the embarrassingly simple reason that we usually ignore Aristotle’s definition for a true contradictory … Continue reading

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Does Philosophy Solve any Problems?

This question is asked a lot these days. If we were to ask it of a philosopher in what is usually defined as the ‘western’ tradition of thought then the answer would be no, it does not. Centuries of scholarly … Continue reading

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Mathematics, Theism, Psychology and Logic: Examining a Shared Problem

It is fortunate that metaphysics requires little mathematics. What it does require would be crucial, indispensable, but the boundary between the two lies deep in the foundations of mathematics where the main issues can usually be stated in elementary arithmetical … Continue reading

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Common Philosophical Mistakes I – Abusing the Laws of Dialectic Logic

This post has been deleted as it has been submitted for publication. I’ve left it up with this note so that the discussion in the comments section can continue. I will reinstate it if it is not published.

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Professors on Youtube

When we look around the world we see a reduction to absurdity of the idea that homo sapiens is a rational species. After doing a search on ‘Philosophy’ I have just discovered that Youtube is awash with videos by eminent … Continue reading

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