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Nagarjuna’s Doctrine of Two Worlds and Two Truths and the Reason Why Words that are Rigorously True Seem Paradoxical

The second century CE Buddhist philosopher-sage Nagarjuna is famous for his philosophical exposition of the Buddha’s teachings and for his explanation of its philosophical foundation. The language of Buddhism is riddled through with paradox and contradiction and in his Fundamental Versus on the … Continue reading

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Metaphysics in a Nutshell: A Lazy Philosopher’s Guide

When it comes to philosophy I’m all in favour of laziness. The less work the better.  For this it would be necessary to get to the heart of issues as quickly as possible and avoid all distractions.  The most effective approach would be the … Continue reading

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Death, Consciousness and the Upanishads

“‘After death there is no consciousness: this is what I say.’ Thus spake Yahñavalka. But Maitreyi said: ‘In this, good sir, you have thrown me into confusion, in that you say that after death there is no consciousness.’ And Yajnavalka … Continue reading

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