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Aristotle, Nagarjuna and the Law of Non-Contradiction in Buddhist Philosophy

I have a recently published guest essay up on the site of Bernardo Kastrup discussing the relationship between Aristotle’s ‘laws of thought’ and the logic of Buddhist philosophy as explained by Noble Nagarjuna. It proposes that few philosophers in the … Continue reading

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The Best Glastonbury Gig Ever?

Please follow this link to the blog of Jessica Davidson and watch the video. Buddhism getting down with the kids. https://jessicadavidson.co.uk/

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Nagarjuna’s Doctrine of Two Worlds and Two Truths and the Reason Why Words that are Rigorously True Seem Paradoxical

The second century CE Buddhist philosopher-sage Nagarjuna is famous for his philosophical exposition of the Buddha’s teachings and for his explanation of its philosophical foundation. The language of Buddhism is riddled through with paradox and contradiction and in his Fundamental Versus on the … Continue reading

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On Why I Cannot Quite Agree with Bernardo Kastrup

My previous post was a review for Bernardo Kastrup’s new book Brief Peeks Beyond. This is an excellent book discussing the most profound topics and I was very happy to recommend it to amazon readers everywhere. Yet I cannot quite … Continue reading

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Do We Regularly Make a Mistake in Metaphysics?

We should cherish metaphysics for its power to overcome false views and yet we admonish it for its ongoing failure. Is it possible that this is for the embarrassingly simple reason that we usually ignore Aristotle’s definition for a true contradictory … Continue reading

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Something and Nothing

The problem that led me into Buddhism was the metaphysical dilemma that arises when we ask whether the universe began with something or nothing. Paul Davies writes about this problem at length in his book The Mind of God and … Continue reading

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Common Philosophical Mistakes I – Abusing the Laws of Dialectic Logic

This post has been deleted as it has been submitted for publication. I’ve left it up with this note so that the discussion in the comments section can continue. I will reinstate it if it is not published.

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On the Dangers of Objecting to Philosophy

  According to the Noble Nagarjuna, widely considered the greatest of Buddhist philosophers, there will usually be an ironic twist in the tail to objections against Buddhism’s philosophical doctrine, for on examination they will turn out to be an endorsement … Continue reading

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Buddhism and Christianity

I am not a theologian. Theology is an area of study more dangerous and difficult than almost any other. Still, I’m going to risk some words. It is not uncommon these days to hear Christians reporting that a study of … Continue reading

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Time and Buddhism

According to the most common interpretation of the data the current age of our universe is roughly 14 billion years. In physics this would be a long time. For a Buddhist it would be a hypothetical moment in eternity. The … Continue reading

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